100% Pure New Zealand

New Zealand, true to its word, is 100% pure. There is a sense of pristine beauty, absolutely untouched, like it was God’s own country. The night sky is clear with an occasional shooting star to take your breath away or the satellites orbiting the earth at an unhurried  pace; the silence only broken by the distant hoots from the Morpok – the native owl or the hisses from the possums.

The days filled with four Seasons. Cold rainy mornings to tuck into bed with toast and tea, banter or books. And when the sun is out, the great outdoors beckon. The beaches stretch out lazily with an occasional dog walker or tanned boys and girls with boogie boards out to catch the big waves or kiddies at the local dairy licking up melty gooiness of ice creams from their hands.

New Zealand is the land of unhurried. Time can wait.

Sky is the canvas
pick your colour
The magic of sunset
Someone has a good sense of humour
Boat in a forest
Hammock in a forest

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