The quest of the fountain of youth in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum or the Valley of Moon – just when I thought Petra was dry and arid, I had to find a new definition for Wadi Rum. Here, T. E. Lawrence is said to have led the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans. The red sand burns in the heat of the sun and as night descends, the moon casts shadows from the rock formations that make you think you are in outer space.

Then there is silence.

The Rum has been inhabited by people since prehistoric times. The graffiti they left behind is what I was completely unprepared for – what I was hoping for was to find that elusive fountain of youth (as if). Coming across these graffiti of a family was one of the most beautiful discoveries I had made.

Nabatean writing
An epiphany moment similar to The English Patient
Wadi Rum – looks like the Grand Canyon, doesn’t it?
Pink sand – like Mars (can you see the face of a king in the rocks?)
My quest for the Fountain of Youth
There it is – the Fountain of Youth, at last!


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