People of the DPRK (Part 5)

The most beautiful part of any town or city is its people. I can say with total and complete honesty, the people of DPRK were one of the nicest, most sincere I have ever known. Always smiling, curious, polite and reserved.

I wonder if we will see the country open its door to the world. What kind of a culture shock will both sides get.

CSC_0329 (2)
Unlike South Koreans, the people of DPRK proudly wear their traditional dress. The week I visited was during their National Day and we could see school children and women donning their Sunday best. Shame that the men don’t make as much effort.
DSC_0204 (2)
A band practicing for National Day
DSC_0320 (1)
Students at Pyongyang Metro
Cheerleaders encouraging people to work – we need these on Mondays
DSC_0335 (1).jpg
School children waiting to visit the Pyongyang Circus

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