Things I love about New Zealand

In a sentence – it is 100% pure. But here’s a photo journey.

Even honesty is 100% pure. Many will leave the money and take only what they paid for.
The colours of the Pacific is in its homes though NZ is turning all black.
Its bus stops are a work of modem art
Sunsets …. Oh the sunsets
Someone will put together drift wood and make a doorway to the beach
It has its own native Xmas tree, Pohutokawa
Bluest of blue oceans
Its air and beaches are 100% pure. You can’t get tired of watching nature.
Having an ice cream and licking off the gooey mess is also kinda Kiwi. This one was pretty much berries whizzed in a blender – 100% pure fruit
And as if that wasn’t enough, Kiwis put the ice cream on their stamp – not just any ice cream, but Hokey Pokey with honeycombs made from NZ honey
Jetty jumping is the thing to do as a summer activity
The surfer and the sea – it’s as if the surfer can see the adventure in the sea.
Some cars kinda take your breath away. This one was red and open top. Bummer I could only take photo and not ride it.
There are vintage cars too which run perfectly well
Beautiful Art Deco shop design that sell vintage clothes
Here’s the doorway to the vintage clothing store. I’d give this shop business just for its architecture.
But the real NZ is in its outdoors, lying under the tree, reading a book with not a care in the world. Because there is so much to do with life.
Like boinging up and down on a trampoline which a good Kiwi has left at the beach for the young and old to work up a hunger
And then have pavs to you heart’s content – it’s like summer on a plate.
Here’s jandal house – the owner collected all the jandals (flip flops for Kiwi) and nailed them on his stair case. Kiwi humour is another level.
Here’s my all time favourite Kiwi humour


    • Sorry Anna. Missed your comment. Yah. NZ is so, so beautiful. And please do a blog on pavs. There is not a single food Mag I have read which doesn’t have a recipe of a pav in summer. A quintessential Xmas pud.


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