Photo gallery – Sweden and Norway

Blanket of snow
Aerial view, Helsinki
Thor slaying Jörmungandr in the final battle of Ragnarok
Snowball fight
Cathedral, Gamlastan
Royal Palace, Gamlastan
Winter morning
Little Bert
Naughty Bert
Djurgården Island, Stockholm
Djurgården Island, Stockholm
Gimme, gimme, gimme ABBA
Wa wa wa wa Waterloo
The beautiful Agnetha
Art in metro, Stockholm
Christmas theme
Sun and snow, Stockholm
Hotel Rival in Mariatorrget was once a cinema and is partly owned by ABBA singer, Benny Andersen
Kiruna airport, Sweden
4pm in Kiruna
Warm inside
Art in metro, Stockholm
Art in metro, Stockholm
Snow covered trees in Camp Ripan, Kiruna
Jukkasjarvi, Sweden
Sun peeping through the trees – still biting cold
Chirping birds, Jukkasjarvi
Friendly cat, Jukkasjarvi
Ice princess – Elsa
Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi
Thor, Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi
Forest adventure themed room, Ice Hotel
Ice bed, Ice hotel
Ice Bar boozy drink in an ice glass
Lending a hand to the miners
Can the sun be any brighter?
Will you dare sleep here?
The sun hasn’t moved from that place on the horizon the whole day
Cathedral in Jukkasjarvi
Cathedral in Jukkasjarvi
Snowflakes on my window
The glowing orb melting rays of light
The fjords are never too far in Norway
Dusk – the sun dips 6 degrees below horizon to set
The English dictionary writer may have come up with the word: Crystal Clear after coming to Norway
Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands
A scenery to fall in love with – Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands
You don’t wanna mess with this Viking
Dusk in Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands
A hue of colours at dawn in Svolvaer
An arctic rainbow
Bronze Tiger, Oslo


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