Architecture gallery – Tbilisi

If a city were a canvas, it can become an architect’s dreamscape. Georgia in particular has offered artists and architects a willing urbanscape to paint in varying styles – from Byzantine to Neo-Classical to vernacular to Armenian, Russian, Azeri, Persian and Art Nouveau to Brutalism.

In the last instalment of my Georgian travel, this one is dedicated to architecture – most of which is forgotten and with little info available online. I scoured for information for days and stitched together whatever I could find. And even then, I am barely scratching the surface. The city is too rich to devour in a week; even its own people don’t know just how rich and diverse their capital is.

Very few cities I have visited have such dynamism as Tbilisi; its pitch to be a Western country and align itself with the Christian world over the “Islamic East” led the city to have such an eclectic mix.

The one thing common among most architectural monuments I saw was the height. Just about everything was tall, towering and cavernous.


Melodious hymns at the Metekhi St Virgin Church

Neo-Classical (with touches of Art Nouveau)

National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

Formerly the office of the State Bank the Art Nouveau building (called Modern Style in Georgia), was designed by architect, Micheil Ohanjanov and built in 1910. The interiors incorporated iron and glass to let in the light, curving lines that emulated the movement and forms of vines and leaves, at the same time adding Neo-classical and Palladian touches from Greek and Roman temples.


For the love of balconies…

Art Nouveau in Tbilisi

Merchants of European goods who traded with Asia built fine houses in Tbilisi. Georgia’s Western connection to France, Germany amd brought the country Art Nouveau.

From late 19th c until WWI, Art Nouveau thrived in Europe and in Georgia too. Many Armenian and Georgian architects created their own vernacular to help Georgia join Europe’s vision towards “style moderne”.

Here’s a look inside this jewel of a building that is no longer in operation



    • I am waiting Anna. Eagerly waiting. I am kinda done for the year. Logged all my memoirs. It’s gonna be a slog at work for the remainder of the year and then hurrah Xmas. But meanwhile, I am thirsting for your updates. Have you been there and back already?


      • Oh god I’m feeling the pressure now! Haha. Yes got back a few days ago. Likewise now so busy with work, people away so I am working extra days etc. I don’t know when I’ll get to my posts!!! It was a great trip… temples are amazing!!! Seeing the struggle of the people because of COVID was tough – they really need tourism to pick up!!! So I had a great time but at times I felt a bit of sadness too for the people. X

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